Rape suspect charged in jail plot to kill alleged victim

December 22, 1992|By Lan Nguyen | Lan Nguyen,Staff Writer

A man who is charged with raping a Columbia teen-ager has been accused of plotting from jail to kill her for $3,000.

The suspect, James A. Page Jr., a Marine sergeant who has been held in the county detention center since August, was charged Friday with conspiring with an undercover state trooper to kill the 17-year-old girl he is charged with raping after an August party in Columbia.

Sergeant Page, 27, formerly of Springhill Lake Drive in Greenbelt, is charged with more than 30 criminal violations, including 10 counts of first- and second-degree rape, as well as numerous counts of sexual offense, perverted practice, assault, battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment. Police allege he choked the girl and threatened to kill her and everyone she loved as he repeatedly raped her.

The Marine sergeant, who was stationed at the Anacostia Naval Station in Washington when he was arrested, is being held in lieu of $600,000 bond.

According to police documents, Sergeant Page began looking Oct. 28 for a hit man to kill the teen-ager's boyfriend, whom he said he assaulted. There is no pending assault charge involving the teen-ager's boyfriend, and police would not say how the undercover trooper and Sergeant Page made contact.

According to police documents, Sergeant Page kept in touch with the trooper through November and December and told the trooper this month that he wanted the girl killed instead. He arranged for the trooper to pick up a down payment, the documents show, and instructed him to make the hit look like a drug deal gone bad. The two agreed that the trooper would get his money after delivering the teen-ager's drivers license to Sergeant Page at the detention center, documents show.

The trooper met Sergeant Page at the detention center last week and told him he had killed the girl. He showed the sergeant the girl's school portraits and drivers license. Sergeant Page thanked him and told him to call his girlfriend, who was instructed to go to a bank to withdraw $3,000, according to the documents. Police immediately arrested Sergeant Page and charged him with one count of solicitation to commit murder.

Sergeant Page is accused of raping the girl Aug. 18 at an industrial park complex in the 9700 block of Patuxent Woods Drive. Police say he was giving the girl a ride home after a party in Sewell's Orchard when he stopped his car on a dirt road near U.S. 29 and Owen Brown Road and tried to kiss her and that he slapped her when she tried to run away. Police say he drove her to the complex after a man told them they were trespassing.

The teen-ager fled, half-naked, to her boyfriend's house after the suspect fell asleep in his car the next day. She called police, who found Sergeant Page in the industrial complex, sleeping in the car with his pants off.

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