Judge orders Farrow's lawyers to reveal her financial details

December 22, 1992|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

A Manhattan judge ordered Mia Farrow's lawyers yesterday to reveal details to him of her tentative memoir deal and an update of her net worth so he can decide whether Woody Allen should pay her legal fees.

Mr. Allen and Ms. Farrow, his former partner and star, are locked in a brutal custody battle over their three children.

Mr. Allen's lawyer, Harvey Sladkus, argued that the actress told the court in June that she has $3.8 million and that the director does not need to pay her $300,000 legal bill.

Mr. Sladkus complained that "$300,000 is not chicken feed," and also argued that Ms. Farrow has a $3 million deal with Doubleday-Dell for an autobiographical book. He accused her of trying to "hoodwink the court" by claiming she would have to sell her Connecticut house to pay all her bills, and said the actress should be nearly broke before the judge orders Mr. Allen to pay her legal fees.

Mr. Allen is worth about $16 million, according to his lawyer. Ms. Farrow's lawyer argued the director is worth "at least" $20 million and told Judge Elliott Wilk that there is no book contract yet, but one is proposed.

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