Tune's Christmas gift is one-man show

December 22, 1992|By New York Daily News

When somebody comes up to Tommy Tune and asks The Obvious, he breaks it to them gently: "5-feet-18 1/2 inches," he'll say.

"The half is new," he confesses with customary cheerfulness. "You know, when you turn 50" -- which he did three years ago (making him the oldest, as well as tallest, sprite in captivity) -- "you're supposed to go have a complete physical. I did, and, when the nurse asked how tall I was, I said '6-6.' She said, 'Why don't we see?' So she measured me, and I was 6-6 and 1/2 . I'm still growing!"

Metaphorically speaking, you can say that again.

On Christmas, the nine-time Tony-winning director-choreographer-performer unwraps a new creation -- himself as song-and-dance man in "Tommy Tune Tonite!" TC self-styled star turn that fits him to a T -- for a 14-show run.

As "one-man" shows go, this one is -- by Mr. Tune's math -- "one plus 31," including a 26-piece orchestra and two dancing partners (Franz Hall and Robert Fowler) -- all sprinting gingerly through the evergreens of yesteryear.

"It has everything a Broadway show would have -- sets, costumes, wardrobe people, lighting designers, publicists, ushers, the whole schmear."

The gig would go longer, except he's gotta go east -- Far East -- to Japan, to stage "Broadway Boys," which will star (in an international gender-switch) the all-girl Takarazuka Theater Company.

After that opens April 1, he'll return to the U.S. to take "Tommy Tune Tonite!" on tour, making essentially the same stops he made last year on tour in "Bye Bye Birdie."

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