STRESS has been known to affect people in strange ways...


December 21, 1992

STRESS has been known to affect people in strange ways. Here's one such example:

Johns Hopkins University, which is ranked as the 15th most competitive university in America and has a workload second only to MIT's, is a stressful place during final exams. On a recent Saturday night, the entire campus seemed to be out -- studying, that is. A friend's daughter reports that as she made her way from the main library on campus, which had just closed for the evening, to another that would remain open for the rest of the night, she saw an unusual sight.

From the main entrance of the building where the all-night library is located, three backpack-clad female students emerged carrying a table. Their poorly suppressed giggles and hurried pace suggested that this was not something they were supposed to be doing.

The young women proceeded to pull the table down the wide marble steps at the front of the building to the grassy area on the quad below. There, they put the table down, hitched their backpacks further up on their shoulders, and lifted the table again -- only to run with it across the lawn and out of view.

As the students passed our friend's daughter they were heard yelling, "All the tables in the library were taken up! We had no choice! We had to take one, too!"

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