Glen Burnie

December 21, 1992

County officials to review plan to build road through Brookfield

Responding to intense protests from the community, county officials say they will review a plan to build a controversial $3.1 million road through Brookfield in hopes that they can address concerns of nearby residents.

"It seems to me it does make some sense for the county to revisit the thinking behind the project and see that we are comfortable with this," said James Schroll, chief of traffic engineering.

He said the county remains committed to the project that would extend Old Stage Road from approximately Stewart Avenue to the intersection of Aquahart Road and Crain Highway.

The county had dusted off a 20-year-old plan for that thoroughfare last winter after a child was struck by a car as she tried to cross Thelma Avenue near Corkran Middle School.

But residents fear a new road would divide their community and make getting to school dangerous.

Mr. Schroll said the county cannot simply use the old construction plans for the road and would have to look at the impact on neighborhoods, back yards and children walking to Corkran Middle School, as well as consider noise and landscaping.

"We need to address as many concerns as possible," he said.

He said his his division expects to arrange a meeting with community residents or through the Glen Burnie Improvement Association.

The association took three votes on the project in the past year, voting first against it, then siding with the county but asking the county to build it sooner than it is planned in 1996, and then asking the county to reconsider it.

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