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December 21, 1992

County making way for jail, detention center construction

County officials are considering closing Jennifer Road just outside of Annapolis in order to provide a larger space for an addition to the detention center or a new high-rise jail.

Detention Center Superintendent Richard Baker told a meeting of the Anne Arundel County delegation that his staff is working on a plan that would use $1.8 million left over from a state bond to pay for renovations that would expand the jail as an interim measure until plans for a new jail are finalized. Those renovations include remodeling a garage next to the detention center to use to house work-release inmates and some administrative offices.

The current administrative offices would be converted to inmate housing, Mr. Baker said.

Sen. John A. Cade said he opposed building at the present detention center site, but if current plans to do so move forward, he urged the closing of Jennifer Road. County Executive Robert R. Neall said that "it's being looked at."

Davidsonville group gets 60 new members

The furor over the site for a new county jail has brought an unexpected benefit to one community association.

The Davidsonville Area Civic Association has pulled in 60 new members as a result of the conflict.

At the November meeting of the DACA's executive committee, one member suggested advertising local issues, such as opposition to the proposed jail site, in the community.

The DACA sent fliers to postal patrons. Members spent hours folding 2,200 copies to be mailed before the Nov. 18 hearing on the jail site.

The Annapolis-area residents were not successful in their attempts to have the new 650-bed jail located elsewhere; the County Council voted at that hearing to recommend that the new jail be located in Annapolis, on the site of the current detention center.

But as a result of the fliers advertising the hearing, 60 new members joined the DACA. Most were new residents who were not previously familiar with the organization.

Their dues more than paid for the cost of printing and mailing the fliers.

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