Have seen computerized displays in malls and stores...

Q. I

December 21, 1992|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Q. I have seen computerized displays in malls and stores that use touch-sensitive screens. The screen typically displays several choices, and the viewer touches the desired item.

Can I get a touch-sensitive screen for my home computer?

A. Visage Inc. sells a clever new product called TouchMate that converts any standard screen into a touch-sensitive display.

TouchMate is a flat, square stand with rounded corners. Place the monitor on the stand, and it becomes a touch-sensitive display. The magic is done via force-measurement sensors inside TouchMate that can determine the location of the touch and even measure 256 levels of pressure exerted.

Because the monitor doesn't need to be opened or altered in any manner, you're safe from a shocking experience. And because nothing is placed in front of the screen, the monitor's image quality is not diminished.

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