Rice strikes 7 times before lightning does Storm interupts run at 300 game


December 20, 1992|By DON VITEK

Keith Rice (better known as Lou) has a 206 average, but on Dec. 10 at Taneytown he was on his way to much higher scores.

Rice had thrown a first game of 257 and a second game of 243 and had thrown seven strikes in the first seven frames of the third game when lightning hit.

A storm was roaring through Carroll County, and lightning or maybe wind took a tree down across the power lines, and the lights went out at Taneytown lanes.

If you're counting, the 257 and the 243 games total 500. That means if Rice had finished his third game with five more strikes he would have the two scores that bowlers dream about, a 300 game and an 800 series.

"I talked to the ABC representatives and they say I can finish the third game from where the lights went out," Rice said.

"So I'm going back back and throwing five more strikes. I mean, I'm gonna do it. Then the only problem will be what date to put on the 300 ring. Maybe I'll have the only 300 ring with two dates."

The name's the same

The Holiday Happiness Duckpin Doubles Tournament at Thunderhead Bowling Lanes at Taneytown is over, and it looks likes Richard Smith took first and second . . . with Stultz as a partner.

Smith made sure that his partner, Stultz, had a different first name each time he bowled. Smith and Dean Stultz were the winners, and Smith and Ruth Stultz were runners-up.

"Ruth and Dean bowl with me on the Untouchable team at Village Lanes in Frederick," Smith said, "It seemed natural to bowl in the tournament at Taneytown with each of them. Besides, my duckpin balls are Taneytown, I bought them about six years ago."

His career high game and series were the 210 game and the 529 series he thrown in the tournament.

First prize was $500 and second prize $250, which was split between the partners.

Smith lives in Libertytown and bowls in just the one league. He started bowling "about 15 years ago, but I laid off for about three years and just started again last season."

Averaging 134 when he quit a few years ago, Smith is starting to build his average again. It's 127 now.

Lucky for one game

Stan Jaskiewicz of Sykesville bowls on a family team. His teammates are his wife, Tina, and his sister and brother-in-law, Jeanette and Phil Bennett.

"Tina is the one who got us started," Jaskiewicz said. "She has an average of 104 and really likes to bowl, so last summer I started bowling duckpins for the first time."

After only a few months of bowling, he is averaging 103. But on Nov. 19, he went 63 pins over that average: 166.

F: "I just got lucky for that one game," Jaskiewicz said.

Things can fall together

Jim Zimmerman of Finksburg was bowling in a Thursday night league at Westminster Thunderhead last month when "everything just fell together" with a 172 game.

"Well, two years ago at Reisterstown I did have a 178 game," he said. "But the 172 is the best I've had at Westminster."

Zimmerman has been bowling for three or four years and carries a 122 average in the Westminster league and at Bowl America Reisterstown on Wednesday nights.

New ball works wonders

Mack Johnson, who bowls tenpins at Thunderhead in Westminster and Taneytown, averages 182, but he threw his career high on Dec. 10 at Taneytown, a solid 290.

Starting with a spare, Johnson threw 11 strikes in a row.

"A new ball," Johnson said. "Danny Haines [who runs the pro shop at Taneytown] drilled me a new ball, a 16-pound Turbo. That's got to be the reason. I could have had a perfect game if I hadn't pulled the first ball of the game across my body. But then I'm just getting used to the new ball."

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