Severna Park AD takes blame for soft early schedule


December 20, 1992|By PAT O'MALLEY

Last Sunday I cracked on Class 4A Severna Park boys basketball coach Wayne Mook for his three cupcake non-league games with 1A schools -- Annapolis Area Christian School, Spalding and Sts. Peter and Paul.

Well, lo and behold, Mook, unlike most of the other coaches, doesn't have much of a say in making the schedule and pointed the finger at athletic director Andy Borland.

"I gave Andy a list of teams I wanted to play, and he waited too long to make up the schedule," said Mook.

"He didn't schedule those games until Oct. 1 and had to take who he could get. I wanted to play bigger schools."

Borland, who is also head football coach, shouldered the blame.

"The schedule is my fault because I was late getting to it," said Borland.

Why didn't Mook call the schools as many other coaches do?

Is it his responsibility to keep in touch with his AD to see if he's getting it done, and if not, offer to help out?

"It's his [Borland's] job. It's in his job description to schedule the games," said Mook.

A lot of coaches set up their schedules even before school begins.

Doesn't that bring up that tired question that won't go away?

Aren't county athletic directors expected to perform a full-time job with part-time hours?

* Did you University of Maryland fans know that the Terrapin Club wants to form an active chapter in Anne Arundel County, and you don't have to be a Maryland alumnus to join?

If you want to find out more, call Maryland grad and Arundel AD Bernie Walter at (410) 674-6500 (days) or (410) 859-0151 (nights).

* Speaking of Walter, I had an interesting call to him the other day. I'm sure many of you can relate to the frustrations experienced by sportswriters when we call a local school and a student aide answers.

Do you cringe when you hear, ". . . High School, student aide, can I help you?"

You brace yourself for either getting the wrong extension, a phone that doesn't stop ringing, getting cut off or somehow getting the party you asked for. But the one the other day to Arundel was the best.

Can you believe I asked for Bernie Walter and got the boiler


* Do you realize with Millie Beall taking over at South River for Jim Morton, the county has more female coaches in girls basketball than males?

With Beall aboard, seven of the 12 public schools have female girls basketball coaches and eight of the 15 schools overall do.

Had Dennis Thiele not replaced Ginger Woods at Chesapeake, the number of female coaches would have been higher. Do you think it is better to have female coaches than males coaching the girls?

* To the woman who called the Sportsline (410-647-2499) and asked if it was fair for Old Mill girls basketball coach Pat Chance to keep four juniors on JV and move two sophomores up to varsity, so what? Juniors on JV are allowed, and that's the coach's prerogative.

Rest assured that with three state championships and more than 330 wins and 20 years of experience, Chance knows what she's doing.

* January can be a dead month, but if you like boxing, shouldn't you circle Jan. 14 and 19 on your new '93 calendar?

Josh Hall and Victoria Savaliski are staging a dinner, with boxing for dessert. The Round One Promotions show will be held Jan. 14 at Michael's Eighth Avenue in Glen Burnie. Hall has set up seven bouts to kick off the New Year.

* Jeff Novotny of the Crofton Gym has set up the South Atlantic Amateur Boxing Championships for Jan. 19 at Michael's.

How about this comment from Novotny on former Arundel High All-County pitcher Jerry Mills, who turned amateur boxer, after Mills' first win a couple weeks ago?

"Jerry got a well-earned win over a guy from Baltimore and it was great to see Tut O'Hara [varsity baseball assistant] there to support him," said Novotny.

"Bernie [Walter] and Tut instill a competitive spirit in their guys, and Bernie and Tut have had a really positive impact on Jerry. He knows how to make fear his friend and not his enemy."

* By the way, what is O'Hara doing coaching the Arundel High indoor track team? With O'Hara at Arundel and Dennie DeWitt coaching the Annapolis indoor team, does it prove the versatility of baseball coaches or is it a piece of cake to coach indoor track?

* Finally, wasn't it admirable of the youth football referees of the Tri-County Officials Association to make a financial contribution to the Coaches Association for the county championship games for a second year in a row?

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