Kluska raises his average by 14 pins thanks to 2-week, 6-game blitz at 248 Columbia bowler jumps from 181 to 195


December 20, 1992|By DON VITEK

Kevin Kluska bowls in a single league, the Wednesday NFL Men's Trio at Brunswick Columbia.

Favoring a 16-pound Black Hammer bowling ball, Kluska was averaging 181 a few weeks ago. Not anymore.

"His average jumped from 181 to 195 in two weeks," Barbara Deming, league coordinator for the Columbia lanes, said. "That's a fantastic jump when the season is more than a third over."

Kluska said: "I'm not really doing anything different. It just seems that the 10-pin is falling."

On Dec. 2, he threw games of 267, 247 and 235 for a 749 series. Both the 267 and the 749 are career high figures for Kluska. And he

wasn't finished.

A week later, on Dec. 9, he rolled games of 227, 255 and 257 for a 739 series.

If you're keeping score, that means that for six games Kluska averaged 248.

Young bowlers of the week

Jessie Becraft, 10, of Ellicott City is in the fifth grade at St. John's Lane and bowls in the Brunswick Normandy Saturday morning Young American Bowling Alliance league.

Bowling since she was 5, Becraft carries a 105 tenpin average with a high game of 194 and a high series of 426.

For week 11 in Division I of the YABA, Becraft put together games of 89, 176 and 179 for a 444 series. That put her 73 pins over average and made her Bowler of the Week.

In Division II, the Bowler of the Week for Week 11 was Jake France, a Mount Hebron High student who lives in Ellicott City.

France has been bowling for half of his 14 years and currently holds a 162 average. To become Bowler of the Week, he shot games of 213, 190 and 226 for a powerful career high series of 629.

An above-average outing

Tony Petti has been bowling for "about 30 years." Petti, who lives in Catonsville, bowls in the senior league, Club 55, at Brunswick Normandy and usually bowls in the Colorama games on Mondays.

With a 168 average, Petti is considered an average bowler, but for week 11 of the season, he was anything but average. He threw his career high game, a 236, and was 69 pins over his average to become Bowler of the Week.

Petti knew exactly why he was bowling above his average. "I was holding my line pretty good and I eased up a little when I threw the ball," he said.

Bowler of week here, there

Tom Dawson, who bowls almost every day, started bowling in 1970 and carries a 168 average at four different centers -- Brunswick Columbia, Brunswick Normandy and Fair Lanes Woodlawn and Kings Point.

In October, he was Bowler of the Week at Columbia in the Club 55 League with 149 pins over average.

Now he's Bowler of the Week in the Club 55 League at Normandy. He threw 55 pins over his average to claim that title.

An unrecognized 300

Once again there's good news/bad news for Terry Logan, who does a lot his bowling at Brunswick Normandy when he's not competing in the Eastern Senior bowling tournaments.

The good news: On Nov. 28, pre-bowling at Normandy for the Funtime Anytime League, Logan threw his first perfect game.

The bad news: Three-hundred games that are thrown in pre-bowling aren't recognized by the American Bowling Congress.

But there's more good news. This season Logan has thrown four 700 sets.

Holiday tournament for juniors

Brunswick Columbia is playing host to a Junior Holiday Tournament Saturday. All junior bowlers are invited to participate. Singles start at 10 a.m. and doubles begin at noon.

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