25 Years Ago* One of Hampstead's outstanding farmers...


December 20, 1992

25 Years Ago

* One of Hampstead's outstanding farmers, Wilson Lippy, addressed the monthly breakfast agriculture business group this morning at Benny's. Mr. Lippy and three of his brothers have formed a corporation, and farm 3,830 acres of land in the Hampstead area. He told the group how they operate and manage, with the help of two full-time employees and 5 or 6 part-time men during the harvest season. Democratic Advocate, Dec. 7, 1967.

50 Years Ago

* This morning at 5:45 o'clock, a large mail truck with contents were burned on the Union Bridge and Middleburg road, near the Walden estate. Some of the mail was salvaged. The accident was caused by the driver misjudging his speed on the sharp turn in the road, causing the driver to lose control with the machine striking a telephone pole squarely into the radiator, causing the truck to take fire. The driver jumped to safety and notified the Union Bridge Fire Department which arrived in good time. Democratic Advocate, Dec. 4, 1942.

75 Years Ago

* New Windsor -- A few days ago, Duvall Brown captured one of the largest chicken hawks that has been seen in this locality for a long time. It is between three and four feet from tip to tip of the wings. The bird was high up in the air when Brown shot at him and as he had only fine bird shot in the gun, he had but little hope of bringing him down but he let drive as a venture and the bird gave a tumble. Then he recovered himself and flew over to the Shriver place where he fell. He put up a stiff fight and had to be beaten with the burr of the gun before he could be tied by the legs and wings. He got loose again before he was gotten to the house, but Mrs. Brown came to her son's assistance and he was again secured and put in a coop where he is at present apparently unharmed and as an enemy alien his captivity does not seem to have affected his appetite to any very great extent as he disposes of all the English Sparrows that they give him. Union Bridge Pilot, Dec. 7, 1917.

100 Years Ago

* A number of ladies and gentlemen of this section attended a donation at the Rev. G. W. Seilhamer's, Uniontown, on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. A supper was given later by Mrs. Willman Messler, Mrs. E. B. Garner, Miss Emma Garner, Mrs. Wesley Rodkey, Mrs. Geo. Slonaker, Mrs. Joseph Baust, Miss Fanny Harbaugh and Miss Mary Senseney consisting of oysters, chickens, celery, rolls, pickles, saratoga chips, cakes, fruit, puddings, slaw and coffee. Fifty-three persons partook of the supper. Rev. and Mrs. Seilhamer received a number of handsome presents, besides an abundance of provisions. Mr. Jacob Christ delivered a very eloquent and impressive address. American Sentinel, Dec. 3, 1892.

Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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