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December 20, 1992

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* Members of the Columbia Council deserve recognition for the entertainment they've been providing as they've labored these many months over whether the city should construct a new golf course. Chocked with so much theatrical buffoonery, the council's deliberations remind us of a B-grade circus . . .

Having all but promised a decision last week, a weak-kneed council once again put off a final determination on the golf course, a project that has been in the works in some form or fashion for close to a decade . . .

The price tag of the project -- $5.5 million for an 18-hole course, $3.8 million for nine holes -- renders it more significant than the treatment it has gotten so far . . .

Time will tell whether this group starts taking itself seriously or continues this brand of horrible slapstick that serves to diminish Columbia's form of governance itself . . . Dec. 16.

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