100 Years Ago* Anne Arundel County pays $150 a year for...


December 20, 1992

100 Years Ago

* Anne Arundel County pays $150 a year for each of her 20 mental paupers. Since the law prohibits judges from committing insane paupers to the House of Corrections, the county has recently purchased property for $2,500 for the purpose of an asylum. The Sun. Dec. 10, 1892.

* The cold weather has had a depressing effect on the 300 oyster boats engaged in tonging for oysters in the vicinity of Annapolis. The Sun, Dec. 29, 1892.

* Chesapeake Tribe, No. 32, improved Order of Red Men of Annapolis, sent a floral design and a large delegation to the funeral of the late Judge John T. Maddox of Baltimore. The Sun, Dec. 30, 1892.

* The eighth district of Anne Arundel County reports early ice on ponds about four inches thick and anticipates a large ice harvest. The Sun, Dec. 30, 1892.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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