Carroll commissioners honor outstanding workers Park staffer named for volunteer work

December 18, 1992|By Staff Report

Carroll County commissioners honored several dozen employees yesterday at the 18th annual service awards presentation at the County Office Building.

Among those honored was Alden Shaffer, who has worked for roads operations for 35 years.

Four employees received "Exceptional Service" awards:

* Melinda P. Byrd, who works at Piney Run Park, was honored for excellence in coordinating volunteer efforts. She established a list of 135 volunteers to open, maintain and develop programs for the new Bear Branch Nature facility and collected about $50,000 in cash and equipment donations.

* Rebecca A. Brown, a Health Department nurse, was honored for providing care, support and guidance to co-workers and patients and for being a dedicated advocate for the hospice team.

* David W. Llewellyn of the comptroller's office was honored for coordinating the office's internal publication of the comprehensive annual financial report and saving the county $2,500 a year in the process.

* Bart W. Mathews of the office of management and budget was honored for obtaining a cost-effective means to establish an accurate land base for the geographic information system, which saved the county more than $200,000 in photography and mapping costs.

Other employees received certificates of appreciation:

* Earl N. Miller of fleet management for efficiently implementing a road equipment repair project.

* Matthew S. Dietrich and Christopher T. Rhoten of fleet management for responding quickly and compassionately to a motorist involved in an accident. They called for help and remained with the victim until medical personnel arrived.

* Virginia K. Zile, Leslie H. Selby and Kelly R. Cox of production and distribution services for reducing costs for postage, office supplies and paper by working efficiently. (Ms. Cox now works in personnel services.)

* Susan N. Bowersox and Teresa L. Ellison-Haines of the bureau of housing and community development for providing efficient, professional service to clients and adapting to federal housing program changes.

* The 24 members of the Health Management Committee for showing enthusiasm and initiative in wellness and other health-related programs for county employees.

* The county's four ombudsmen -- Karen L. Lewns of accounting, Thomas S. Devilbiss of development review, Glenda J. Jarrard of the job training office and Henry J. Holt of roads operations -- for investigating complaints and resolving problems to improve communication between county management and employees.

Special recognition went to three employees who have worked for the county for 25 years: Helen Hosfeld of human resources, James Norvell of the Board of Zoning Appeals and Ralph Parrish of solid waste.

The commissioners also honored seven employees with 20 years of service, 15 with 15 years, 26 with 10 years and 58 with five years.

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