Mrs. Claus takes a seat on the bus Hampstead family prepares display

December 18, 1992

If the Schaffer family in Hampstead has anything to say about it, Santa may not be arriving by sleigh this year.

He will instead come to North Carroll on a school bus, driven by his wife.

Anna May Schaffer, owner of Schaffer Bus Service, brought the sparkle of holiday lights to an out-of-service school bus from the Schaffer fleet this week.

Members of her family added a seat-belted Mrs. Claus as the driver, and they put flashing lights on the bus tires to simulate movement.

The bus is parked on a hillside along Route 482 near Northbrook Drive on the west edge of town.

Schaffer Bus Service, which operates in Hampstead and other North Carroll areas, has been in business for about 15 years, but this is the first time the company has sponsored its own Christmas display.

"Kids on the school buses think it's the neatest thing," said Mrs. Schaffer.

"It's been a fun thing for our family to do together."

Those who helped put the display together included Mrs. Schaffer's brother, Pat Stickles, and his son Michael; Michael's girlfriend, Winnie Phillips; son Charles Schaffer; and Eddie Markle, a nephew.

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