Hopkins expands services for health care at home

December 18, 1992

The Johns Hopkins Health System and the Johns Hopkins University announced yesterday a reorganization and expansion of home health care services, including the addition of home care for children and the terminally ill.

The new services, to include the renting of equipment such as wheelchairs and beds, allow Hopkins to benefit from a growing trend away from long hospital stays and toward a system of treating patients at home with special help.

The hospital and medical school said its services would be delivered by three companies, all under a new holding company, the Johns Hopkins Home Care Group.

The three units are Johns Hopkins Home Health Services; Johns Hopkins Pediatrics-at-Home, and Pharmaquip (formerly known as Med-Care Home Health Resources).

The companies will provide home nursing, rehabilitation, infusion therapy, medical equipment and specialized pediatric care.

Initially, the services would be for Hopkins patients, but nurses are being recruited in Anne Arundel and Harford counties to provide home care there, according to Mary E. Hill, a former Texas health care consultant who designed the company for Hopkins and serves as its president and chief executive officer.

She said Hopkins was engaged in a major expansion into home care, one of the most effective ways to control health care costs at a time when cutting medical costs has become part of the national agenda.

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