December 17, 1992

Insanity plea dropped in wife's shooting

A 57-year-old Pasadena man has withdrawn his plea of being not criminally responsible when he shot and wounded his wife at Marley Station Mall in January.

In exchange for dropping the insanity plea, prosecutors withdrew a charge against Arthur D. Copeland of using a handgun in the commission of a violent crime, which carries a mandatory five-year sentence.

Tuesday's agreement means the state will avoid retrying Copeland in the Jan. 17 shooting of his wife, Maxine.

A jury convicted Copeland of attempted murder and battery after a weeklong trial in September but said it could not decide whether Copeland was criminally responsible.

The case was to have been retried to determine whether Copeland had the mental capacity to be held responsible in the shooting, Assistant State's Attorney Fred Paone said.

According to testimony, the systems analyst, who hated guns and led a "model life," met his wife in their driveway on her 59th birthday in January. He told her to follow him to the mall with the promise of a special birthday present, then shot her in the head when they arrived.

His wife survived the attack.

Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. set sentencing yesterday for Feb. 5. Mr. Paone said he intends to ask for a life sentence.

Channel, pier sought for Upper Magothy

Residents along the Upper Magothy River and the county Department of Public Works want state and federal approval to dig a 2,500-foot navigation channel and 13 spur channels to individual piers.

The main channel would run parallel to Country Life and Royal Beach roads.

In addition, Jeffrey P. Walsh of River Road has proposed building a 14-by-6-foot timber pier at the end of one spur channel.

About 18,000 cubic yards of sand, silt and clay would be pumped to an 11-acre disposal site on Edwin Raynor Boulevard, near Magothy Bridge Road. The site, leased to the county by Connie Frazier of Baltimore, also could accept material from Cattail Creek and Old Man Creek, where dredging projects are being considered.

The county needs state and federal permits to complete the project. The Army Corps of Engineers and state Departments of the Environment and Natural Resources will accept public comment on those applications until Jan. 6.

Information: Matt Gall or Jeffrey Trulick, 962-4252.


* Laurel Acres: A home in the 300 block of Queen Anne Road was broken into between Dec. 6 and 11. Video games and appliances valued at $10,995 were stolen.

* Pasadena: A home in the 4600 block of Mountain Road was broken into Monday. Stereo equipment worth $1,570 was stolen.

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