Finder says money's not hers to keep

December 17, 1992|By Sherry Joe | Sherry Joe,Staff Writer

At first glance, Dale Jeffries thought she had stumbled upon an eyeglass case as she left a Blockbuster Video store in Elkridge last Saturday.

On closer inspection, the tan leather case turned out to be a wallet filled with $2,000 in cash.

"I just come out the store and there it was," said Ms. Jeffries, 44, of Pasadena. "It was laying there on the asphalt big as life."

Ms. Jeffries turned her find over to the Maryland State Police. Using a canceled check found in the wallet, Cpl. Joseph Barker traced the missing money to Jane Exum, 52, of Jessup.

"I'm so thankful," said Johnny Exum, Ms. Exum's husband. "Sometimes you wonder. . . . There's still some good people in the world."

According to authorities, Ms. Exum had just withdrawn the money from a local bank and did not realize her wallet was missing until police called Saturday evening.

"It probably just dropped out of her purse," said Mr. Exum, who said his wife is using the money to renovate their future home in Alabama. Ms. Exum, who was in Alabama, was not available for comment.

In discovering the wallet, Ms. Jeffries said she felt that "the Lord was testing me."

"I supposed someone had saved all year to get their family some presents," Ms. Jeffries said of her initial thoughts. "I felt that wasn't my money to spend."

Corporal Barker said the incident has restored his faith in the human spirit. "It's a relief when someone brings in something like this," he said. "It gives you a new perspective."

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