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December 17, 1992|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Staff Writer

With Donna Cuneo, you just never know. You may find the thirtysomething art director in penny loafers or gold pumps, black sequins or a basic turtleneck. As the woman responsible for WBAL-TV's image and identity, she has made a career out of being style-conscious. When she's not working at the station or unpacking boxes in her new Owings Mills home, she sews and makes jewelry.

As for her own taste, "Most of the time, I'm pretty conservative . . . But I can surprise you."

How would you describe your style?

It fluctuates. I was told by one of the producers here that I don't dress weird enough to be an art director. In my closet, I go from having Dexter penny loafers to snakeskin cowboy boots to three-inch high heels. It all depends on the mood I'm in.

I like a lot of color -- blues and purples but no yellow. Yesterday I wore a black turtleneck. Today I'm in off-white with splashes of color.

How has your work affected what your wear?

Being an artist, I'm not afraid to wear bold color. My niche is big earrings and jewelry. I have a lot of custom pieces that are signed. I may dress conservatively but I put a pair of big earrings on. I've been known to build an outfit around earrings.

Why earrings?

Because I can wear them. I'd rather go out and buy earrings than clothes. Maybe it's because they always fit. I like them big and dangly. Button earrings you won't find me in. I have an armoire full of jewelry plus a couple of other boxes.

What are you most comfortable in?

On the weekends, I'll be in sweat pants and tennis shoes. During the week, I wear skirts . . . usually to the knee or a little higher or lower. I like jackets and oversized sweaters. I don't like tight-fitting clothes.

You also have a wilder side?

There are times when I'll go wilder. I have one jacket that I'll wear. It's black leather with lots of fringe. I call it my cow coat. It's a hot-looking jacket. I haven't worn it because I don't want to portray that kind of image here. My image at work is more professional.

What's the wildest outfit you own?

I have a real nice brocade tuxedo jacket that was my father's. I'll wear it with a tuxedo shirt, a bolo, my black leather skirt and tacky gold shoes.

Do you have a sense of Baltimore style so far?

I'm still figuring it out. I came from D.C. In D.C., they were pretty boring. In Ohio where I grew up, it was way different. In D.C., women don't do anything with their hair. In Ohio, I used to change the color of my hair all the time. I went to lunch one day and came back with magenta hair. After a while, it washed out, but I had to wear purple clothes that whole week.

What do you put on when you're in a funk?

In the summer, I had a neon-colored short skirt and a bright flowered shirt. I wore that with pink shoes. It was major color.

What outfit in your closet wouldn't you be caught dead in today?

All those bridesmaid dresses I have. There's this purple lacy thing with satin that I'll never wear again. It's too promy.

If you could chose anyone, with whom would you most like to go shopping?

Not Dolly Parton. She's really too gaudy. Not Hillary Clinton. I think she could use some help. She's into too much high-collar stuff. Not Liza Minnelli. She hasn't changed her hair in years. I think whoever does the costuming for "Designing Women." I'm impressed by their wardrobe tastes. They put out a nice image.

What would you like to have more of?

You can never have too much jewelry in my opinion. I need to see more blouses in my closet. I would like more blazers that are less plain, more with patterns or appliques. And I would love a sequin dress.

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