No bidders found for airport homes Unwanted houses available for shelter

December 16, 1992|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff Writer

No one submitted bids yesterday to buy and remove nine homes that the county purchased to make way for the expanded Carroll County Regional Airport.

The lack of bids means five of the homes will be available for a transitional housing project; the other four will be razed.

"I'm feeling very optimistic," Jolene G. Sullivan, the county's general services director, said about the housing project.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which is paying for 90 percent of the airport expansion, required the county to try to sell the houses before using them for other purposes.

Carroll still must get state approval for a $680,000 grant to finance the housing project.

It must do so before early March, when an offer expires from a Westminster developer to donate land for the project.

In August, James Ryan Jr., owner of Rylea Homes Inc., gave the county 5 acres off Kriders Church Road for the transitional housing project.

On Nov. 11, he wrote to the county commissioners to say that financing for the project must be obtained within 120 days of that date or ownership of the land will revert to him.

Today, the county planned to give the state Department of Housing and Community Development a detailed management plan for the project as part of the grant application, Mrs. Sullivan said.

Sue Gregson, a spokeswoman for the housing department, said officials would take the developer's deadline into consideration when reviewing the application.

The county plans to move the five houses from the 800 block of Littlestown Pike to the Kriders Church Road site and divide them into apartments for transitional housing for about 15 families.

The county also would build two new homes on the site for the project.

Transitional housing provides lodging for up to two years so that families who have exhausted their stays at homeless shelters or are in danger of being evicted can become self-sufficient.

The other four homes that the county bought, in the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Pinch Valley Road, are too far from the Kriders Church Road site to be moved there for use as transitional housing, said Kathy Devilbiss, a county airport management assistant.

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