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December 16, 1992

Admonished developer allowed to keep greenery

A Manchester developer who landscaped his mini-warehouse property without prior county approval can let the greenery remain.

The Carroll County Planning Commission yesterday approved Martin K. P. Hill's landscaping at the Greenmount site but also voted to require that he amend his site plans to reflect the work.

The Planning Commission toured the property last month after Mr. Hill sought a waiver from the landscaping plan the panel approved for his two-acre property on Route 30.

When the Planning Commission arrived at the warehouse, Mr. Hill had already completed the landscaping work, which differed from initial plans.

The commission's approval did not come without admonishment. Member Zeno M. Fisher said that had Mr. Hill presented the board with his revised landscaping plans ahead of time, he would have saved the panel a trip.

"It was time consuming," Mr. Fisher said of the tour. "And we had other things going on that night."

Mr. Hill did not attend yesterday's meeting.

Neil Ridgely, the county worker in charge of landscaping, said he was satisfied with Mr. Hill's landscaping.

Water, sewer group plans meeting tonight

The Manchester Ad Hoc Water and Sewer Committee will meet at 7 tonight in the Town Hall, 3208 York St.

The committee will discuss rate structures and the time frames for rate changes and public education efforts, said Town Manager Terry Short.

The committee will also discuss capital improvement plans.

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