WEST COUNTY--Clarksville * Highland * Glenelg * Lisbon

December 16, 1992


* Dayton: 14000 block of Triadelphia Mill Road: A $108, 52-inch mirror was stolen from a driveway on Dec. 8 or 9. The mirror had been placed at the end of the driveway so on-coming traffic could be seen.

* Glenwood: 3300 block of Route 97: Someone stole $550 worth of heating oil between Nov. 4 and Dec. 8 from a tank on the right front side of a house.

block of Hobbs Road: Two small trees were knocked down Sunday.

* Highland: 13100 block of Highland Road: Someone stole Christmas lights valued at $20 from bushes Saturday.

* Mount Airy: 900 block of Ridge Road: A $129 green medal "fancy lady" statue and a $179 green medal statue were stolen from outside C and H Supply Co. on Friday or Saturday.

* Woodbine: 15600 block of Morgan Woodbine Road: A homeowner found a hole in his front window Thursday. Apparently a projectile from a rifle was fired through the window.

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