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December 16, 1992

Ellicott City student picked for Who's Who

Jennifer E. Stone of Ellicott City has been named to the 1993 edition of Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges.

Ms. Stone is studying psychology at James Madison University.


* Ellicott City 8200 block of Main St.: Someone went through the unlocked door of a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass and stole painting supplies valued at $500.

4700 Wigglesworth Court: Speakers and amplifiers with a combined estimated value of $480 were were taken between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning from a 1987 Toyota pickup truck.

4600 block of Doncaster Drive: An AM/FM stereo was stolen from an unlocked 1980 Toyota Cressida between Friday afternoon and Sunday at noon.

8700 block of Town and Country Blvd.: A dress shirt, a T-shirt and a car stereo power booster were taken from a 1989 Plymouth between Friday and Saturday afternoon.

4300 block of Centennial Lane: An AM/FM stereo cassette radio was stolen from a 1980 Dodge Ram Truck at Centennial High School after someone popped open a vent window with a screwdriver.

4801 Dorsey Hall Drive: Cash and blank prescription pads were taken from the Pediatric Center between Wednesday and Friday by someone who got inside by entering an adjacent suite under construction and cutting a hole through the drywall.

4801 Dorsey Hall Drive: Someone tripped an alarm in the Crossroads Imaging Center.

College Avenue at New Cut Road: Someone entered a 1990 Jeep Wrangler on Saturday, and stole a $600 tool box, a $340 pair of hockey skates, a $50 bag of miscellaneous goods and a $90 socket set.

9700 block of Michaels Way: Someone entered an unlocked door to a 1986 Ford Mustang on Monday and stole $637 from a wallet. The wallet was left on the ground.

9700 block of Gingerwood Drive: A $300 blue spruce tree was cut between Thursday and Saturday, and stolen.

10200 block of Bristol Channel: A window to a 1984 Dodge Charger was smashed on Friday or Saturday.

10200 block of Raleigh Tavern Lane: A window to a 1984 Pontiac Fiero was smashed on Friday or Saturday.

4800 block of Rollingtop Road: The driver's side window to a 1986 Plymouth Voyager was smashed on Friday or Saturday.

2900 block of Ordway Drive: Someone stole five Dick Cepek "fun-country" tires valued at $585 and four chrome rims valued at from a 1991 Toyota 4-by-4 truck Nov. 28. The truck was left on wooden boards.

3900 block of White Rose Way: Someone broke the driver's side window to a 1991 Honda Civic on Friday or Saturday.

4600 block of Pinto Court: A $40 plastic Santa Claus ornament was stolen Sunday.

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