Undelivered Federal Income Tax Refunds

December 16, 1992

Hundreds of Maryland taxpayers are being sought by the Internal Revenue Service and state comptroller's office -- not for unpaid taxes, but because their refund checks were returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable.

Maryland Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein said his office is holding 1,749 undelivered checks totaling $346,760, with refunds ranging from $1 to $12,338. The average amount is $198.

The federal agency has 1,452 undelivered checks for residents of Maryland and the District of Columbia who are due a total of $876,031. The amounts range from $1 to $12,819, and the average is $603.

"In these tough economic times, it's important that this money get back to the taxpayers and then back into our economy as soon as possible," Mr. Goldstein said.

H. J. Hightower, the IRS district director for Maryland and the District of Columbia, said the taxpayers may have moved or changed their last names and did not notify the tax agencies, or the addresses on the return may have been illegible.

Anyone who is expecting a federal refund check for 1991 or a prior year and has not already contacted the IRS is asked to call 962-2590 from the Baltimore area or (800) 829-1040 from elsewhere in Maryland.

For state refund inquiries, the number is (410) 974-3701.

The names of the taxpayers due refund checks are listed by zip code.

20601 -- Jefferson City Lawrence, Roger C.

20601 -- Silver Springs Simmons, Cameron

20602 -- Waldorf Bolden, Danielle L.

Pinkney, Negron E.

Wood, Clyde D.

20603 -- Waldorf Lonyo, Daniel R.

20604 -- Marston Long, Richie D.

20604 -- Waldorf Goldsmith, Stephen A.

20607 -- Accokeek Briscoe, Anthony P.

Harley, Melissa

Harley, Theresa

20619 -- California Simmers, Lisa A.

20620 -- Loveville Johnson, Theodora A.

20640 -- Idiana Head Montgomery, Anissa Marie

20640 -- Rison Bobadilla, Jose & Sonia

20646 -- La Plata Bilski, Peter M.

Neblett, William E. & Kathleen

Shannon, Steven D.

Wenfield, Paul

20650 -- Leonardtown Kramer, Dane M. & Elaine M.

Wise, John W.

20653 -- Lexington Park Chini, Tracey L.

Comer, Debra S.

Lawhorn, Margaret A.

20657 -- Lusby Evans, Harold L. II

Goulart, Harold S. & Lucille W.

Haft, Brandi J.

20659 -- Mechanicsville Coates, James L.

Kidwell, Donna L.

Miller, Stephanie Ryan Minor

Simm, Judith M.

Walker, James L.

Wetzel, Robert Patrick

20670 -- Patuxent River Boyd, Dawn

20685 -- St. Leonard Johnson, Rodney V.

20692 -- Valley Lee Anthony, Tammy L.

20695 -- White Plains Campbell, Dennis B.

20705 -- Beltsville Donnellan, Joann E.

Nwoke, Ferdy A.

Oakley, Brian E.

Quesada, Donya

Swen, Elizabeth N.

Uzor, Nna-Nna

20706 -- Lanham Archie, William D.

Somuyiwa, Aderlle A.

@20706 -- Seabrook Khansari, Mansour

20707 -- Laurel Armentrout, Christopher M.

Crisp, Marshall A. & Dorothy

Everett, Ronnie V.

Figueroa, Mayra Cruz

Helton, Mark S. & Anne M.

Hunt, Rodney P. & Leila A.

Kitchen, Amy K.

Lynch, Gina M.

Mason, Walter H. Jr.

Rodrigues, Alejandro

Schwab, Lowell A.

Taylor, Tyrone W. & Laschan A.

Verbanoff, Ellen M.

20707 -- Silver Spring Bonilla, Miguel & Reina Raquel

20708 -- Laurel Bowman, Ray Matthew

Davis, Thomas C. & Carlyn Y.

Haddaway, Victor & Phillippa

Johnson, Yolanda D.

Jones, Alesia

Osborne, David & Sheila D.

Weedon, Antonio & Lena

Williams, Odell S.

20710 -- Bladensburg Amokomowo, Alexander

Carroll, Ernest W.

Dugan, Alexander J.

Ki, Ae Suk

Lewis, Antoine E.

Mill, Estella

Ponce, Yolanda G.

Rawlings, Shaffers L.

Tompkins, Ronald

20710 -- Hyattsville Regueno, Jose & Miriam D.

20711 -- Lothian Franklin, John H.

Staub, Louise

20712 -- Mount Rainier Rodriguez, Jose D. & Ana Grace

Whitlock, Cornelius O. Jr.

20714 -- North Beach Alley, Karen J.

20715 -- Bowie Thomas, Michael L.

20716 -- Bowie Hall, Joseph & Theresa H.

Long, Amy S.

20721 -- Mitchellville White, Natalie C.

20722 -- Brentwood Taylor, Michelle L.

20723 -- Laurel King, Sheila M.

Peres, Hector M. & Ana Belma R.

20724 -- Laurel Jones, Angela R.

20732 -- Chesapeake Beach Carrol, Michael A.

Finch, Marie F.

Villalobosv, Javier

20735 -- Clinton Hall, Erin E. Minor

Hyson, B. W

Nagi, Steven R. & Tammy O.

Pratt, Devin C.

Smith, Paul S.

Thompson, Jocelyn T.

Young, David S. & Lesley L.

20737 -- Riverdale Carino, Juana Beatriz

Deraffele, Michael A.

Flores, Santiago

Hoffman, Saul, dec'd.

Jeter, Eric

Juarez, Jesus & Maria Del Saco

Mitchell, James E.

Plunkett, Anthony

20740 -- Berwyn Heights Whelan, Thomas T.

20740 -- College Park Collin, Mary B.

Lyons, David J.

Salah, George A.

20740 -- Greenbelt Ramey, Greg

20741 -- College Park Andrews, Steven

20743 -- Capitol Heights Fell, Detria C.

Hucke, Deownna D.

Johnson, Jennifer

Lee, Elric F.

Tutt, Tondenica L.

Winstead, Phyllis M.

20744 -- Fort Washington Bradley, Gerard K.

Brooks, Alice T.

Fletcher, Gloria J.

Hargett, Helen L.

Holland, Deborah

Jones, Wilhemina O.

Junior, Jimmie R. & Betty Jo

Ruffin, Henry M. & Azalia O.

20745 -- Fort Washington Davis, Helena

20745 -- Oxon Hill

Beale, Kevin

Burrel, Robert F.

Butler, James C.

Carmona, Helen D.

Chevalier-Matthews, Marissa A.

Driggers, Glenda R.

Harrell, Margaret

Johnson, Annie Pearl

Kemp, Clarence E. Jr.

Murray, Ronald

Ogletree, Anthony R.

Parker, Helen L. Decd

Smith, Patrick L.

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