'I took her out of hell,' mother says Probation given in slaying of addicted daughter

December 15, 1992|By New York Daily News

NEW YORK -- Daisy Hutson walked out of court after receiving five years' probation for killing her crack-addicted daughter -- and said she would do it again.

"I took her out of hell," the 68-year-old woman explained as she left Queens Supreme Court yesterday. "That was the main thing. I could not let my daughter suffer as she was suffering."

"I'd do it all again," Ms. Hutson said, slamming her fist against a barricade in the courthouse hallway.

Earlier, her attorney, Edward Zaloba, told how eight years of addiction had turned Ms. Hutson's daughter, Renee, 48, into a dangerous crackhead who stole from her mother to feed her habit. The day of the shooting, Aug. 4, Renee told her mother, "They're going to kill you."

The shooting took place after Ms. Hutson had pleaded with police in vain to enforce an order of protection and arrest her daughter, Mr. Zaloba said. Before Renee was buried, an associate of the drug dealer went to Ms. Hutson's house and demanded she repay her daughter's drug debts, the attorney said.

Assistant District Attorney Randi Fleishman asked Supreme Court Justice Robert Hanophy to show mercy. "We understand the depth of Mrs. Hutson's despair," she said.

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