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December 15, 1992

BWI satellite parking lot proposed

A Newark, N.J., company wants to build a satellite parking lot for 1,500 cars on the south side of Elkridge Landing Road in Linthicum to serve travelers at Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Edison Parking Corp. has asked the county Administrative Hearing Officer for a special exception to build a transit station at the site west of Camp Meade Road for buses to shuttle customers from the lot to the airport.

County officials have scheduled a public hearing this morning on the request.

The company also has asked for an extended building period.

County planners support the company's request, which would allow it to start building in two years and finish in four, rather than starting in a year and completing work in two years.

The planning office also supports Edison's request to provide less landscaping than usually required and to build parking spaces that are slightly smaller than standard size, said Rich Josephson, zoning administrator.

Edison, which owns no other area parking facilities, will tear down old warehouses to build the new lot, Mr. Josephson said.

Robbery attempt foiled by clerk

A gun-toting man got away with nothing more than a sore hand Friday when he attempted to rob a Brooklyn Park drug store.

Police say the suspect walked into the Rite Aid in the first block of Hammonds Lane and selected a greeting card, which he took to the counter.

As the clerk was making change, the man reached over and tried to snatch money out of the register, police say. With his other hand he whipped out a silver-colored revolver and waved it in the air.

The clerk slammed the drawer on the gunman's hand.

Undaunted, the gunman demanded the money in the register. The clerk handed him his change.

The would-be robber took his card and his change and left the store, police said.


* Brooklyn Park: Thieves broke into a 1989 Jeep that was parked in the 400 block of Old Riverside Road Sunday and stole money, camera equipment and a car stereo, all valued at $564.

Linthicum: A woman reported to police that someone stole $600 worth of jewelry from her home in the 400 block of Linda Ave. Thursday night.

Linthicum: A 35-year-old man was cut in the cheek during a fight outside his home early Sunday morning. Kenneth Leland Ramage, of the 6900 block of B&A Blvd., declined to give police any information about the scuffle.

The injured man was later taken to Harbor Hospital for treatment and released.

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