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December 15, 1992|By SUE HALLER

Has anyone started to panic yet? Ten days left to shop for Christmas 1992. After that, you're an early bird for '93.

I'm almost done, but I'm still patrolling the malls, looking for a few more gifts.


The Crofton Association of Retired Persons will hold its Christmas party and luncheon tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Kaufmann's Restaurant on Gambrills Road in Gambrills. Every member should bring a gift suitable for a home-bound person.


The Arundel High School Band is raising money to buy new band uniforms. For a $250 donation, your name or business name will appear inside a uniform. Too steep? How about buying the band's new cookbook, "The Chef Is In," for $8.

Information: 721-9331.

The annual winter concert will be presented at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Arundel High School auditorium. The concert features the chorus, orchestra, concert and jazz bands.

Information: 261-0918.


The MultiSport Acro team will hold try-outs for the 1993 national prep program. The coaching staff is looking for men and women ages 8 to 21 with competitive cheerleading or gymnastics experience.

Information: 721-0414.


The Crofton Athletic Council's intramural basketball program will begin in mid-January.

Information: 261-0196.

* Do you have any CAC uniforms? If so, they must be turned in.

The CAC sports fees increase when uniforms or equipment must be replaced. Children who don't return borrowed items also will be barred from CAC sports.


Last week's snowfall should be a reminder to parents to review the school system's cancellation policy.

When the weather turns nasty, local radio stations will announce school closings or delays.

When school opening is delayed, parents should keep in mind that the staff also is postponing its arrival. Please don't send your children to school early because there may not be anyone inside to let them in.

Parents should not call the police department, the county Board of Education or their child's school.

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