As Joe Friday Said, Just the FactsPlease consider...


December 14, 1992

As Joe Friday Said, Just the Facts

Please consider returning to the tabloid-sized Carroll County Sun of the past several years -- whether bi-weekly or more often. Currently, the front page of the "county" section features more area and city news than that from Carroll . . .

In addition, errors are increasing, probably because of aexpanded staff unfamiliar with the county and its history. I cite two recent examples:

* The brick church sketched on page 4B on Nov. 29 is St. Mary'United Church of Christ in Silver Run and not the stone Lutheran Church as the caption states . . .

* In "Salmagundi" on Dec. 3, the writer refers to "New Windsor College." Although I cannot state with certainty that it was not chartered under that name, its students matriculated, received their diplomas and yes, even played football, at Blue Ridge College. It certainly ceased to exist under that name . . .

. . . To paraphrase Joe Friday, "just give us the facts, please."

Martha K. Schaeffer



"Mount Airy parents attack school redistricting," read the Nov. 17 headline about the Mount Airy and Winfield elementary schools redistricting meeting on Nov. 16. That headline was an inaccurate description of what went on at the meeting . . .

Characterizing our behavior as an "attack" is not only incorrect, but also doesn't do service to the fine reporting of Amy Miller.

Suzanne Geaney

Mount Airy

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