Associated gets $585,546 in pledges

December 14, 1992

The annual marathon telephone campaign of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore raised nearly $600,000 yesterday toward its 1993 campaign goal of $22.5 million.

At the close of the 13th annual effort, $585,536 had been pledged -- short of last year's $820,000, but termed "very good in this economic climate" by Super Phone Day co-chairman Enid Brecker.

About $17 million of The Associated's goal has already been met, Ms. Brecker said, noting, "We're further ahead in the campaign this year than last year, so we had fewer phone calls to make."

Nearly 900 volunteers made more than 15,000 calls, asking members of the Jewish community to make a pledge. More than 5,000 of those reached on Super Phone Day agreed to make a donation, with pledges ranging from $5 to $2,000.

Fifty-eight percent of the money goes to local Jewish charities, while 42 percent will be sent to Israel and other parts of the world.

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