Crofton's Thanksgiving tournament proves a big hit


December 13, 1992|By DON VITEK

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc. Thanksgiving tournament at Crofton Bowling Centre drew 743 entries seeking $21,000 in prize money.

Jim Lusby of Landover Hills picked up the $3,000 check for firsplace. Mike Rawlings of Sykesville received $1,500 for his second-place finish, and Steve Crounch of Centreville, Va., won $1,000 for third.

Bing Smith of Farmington, Del., won $600 for fourth, and the fifth-place finisher, Bill Sitnik of Waldorf, won $500. Even the 124th finisher claimed $55.

Lusby bowls in two leagues at Crofton, the Wednesday Mixed and Friday Mixed. He has been bowling "for about 15 years. And I try to bowl in the NABI tournament every weekend, if I can."

Using a 15-pound Phantom bowling ball, Lusby holds an average of 184 with a career high game of 246 and a high set of 629.

"I just tried to be more aggressive on the lanes," Lusby said. "I concentrated a little harder. But even when I don't win, I still think that NABI is one of the best experiences that a bowler can have. Joe Doctor [tournament director] runs a great tournament."

Rawlings bowls at Fair Lanes Woodlawn in the Friday Pinbusters league and on Monday at Kings Point. Bowling seriously just since 1988, he carries a 196 average. His career high game is 290 and his high set is 781.

"In the finals against Jim Lusby, I had one of those games you'd like to forget," Rawlings said. "I don't remember what Lusby shot, but as long as it was over 139 he was a winner!"

Cracking the 300 barrier

Tom Huckaby of Laurel bowls in the Wednesday Night Mixer at Greenway Odenton.

"I used to bowl four or five nights a week," Huckaby said. "Now it's just the one night."

That one night is enough for Huckaby to carry a 209 average. His career high series is a 797.

"That set should have been over 800," Huckaby said. "I buried the bowl in the last frame and looked at the only true tap for a right-handed bowler, the eight."

Huckaby shot that impressive 797 series without a 300 game. Bowling since 1980, Huckaby has had two games of 297, a 299 and "a bus load of 289s" but never could crack the barrier for a 300 game.

On Nov. 25, in the Wednesday Night Mixer at Greenway Odenton, he took care of that oversight. After games of 237 and 226 he posted the perfect game.

"I was bowling anchor and need a triple to be sure of the win for the team," Huckaby said, "So I was concentrating on that and not on the 300 game, maybe that helped."

One thing that definitely helped was the lane condition.

"At Greenway the lane condition is very consistent," Huckaby said. "It makes it easy to get lined up. And, of course, the staff at Greenway is great."

Taking a break doesn't hurt

Lynn Bingle of Arbutus "got tired of bowling and took a couple years off."

A 127-average duckpinner at that time, Bingle has picked up where she left off. Bowling in the Sunday Triples at Greenway Glen Burnie and a Thursday league at Fair Lanes Southwest, she is averaging 126 in her first season back. "I'm enjoying the game again," Bingle said. "I guess I needed a break after bowling for so many years."

On Nov. 29 in the Sunday Triples, Bingle fired five strikes to post a 194 game and a 444 series.

Just two weeks before, in the same league, Bingle threw a 199 game. Those two games are close to her career-high 206.

Smashing a house record

Theresa Vermillion of Harwood broke the women's single-game house record of 216 with a 218 duckpin game on Nov. 19 in the Severna Park Lanes Thursday Scratch league.

That 218 game gave her a 497 series. Vermillion owns the women's three-game set house record at Severna Park of 542.

A split in the ninth frame kept her from posting another 500 set, and it meant that she had to throw strikes in the 10th to break the single-game record. She tripled.

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