King has near-perfect evening Rolls 289 game at Brunswick


December 13, 1992|By DON VITEK

Ray King bowls in a single league, the Friday Weekender at Brunswick Normandy with his wife, Karen. Even with only one night of bowling, he carries a 185 average.

On Nov. 27 he exceeded that average with a near-perfect game of 289; that's still short of his career high game of 298. The series wasn't even close to his career-high 714.

"We bowl for fun," King said. "It's great way to meet a lot of nice people and have a lot of enjoyment on a night out."

King, who lives in Ellicott City, has been bowling for 17 years, and last year, at Kings Point, he carried a 202 average.

Hammering out a big score

John Sheppard of Columbia bowls at Brunswick Columbia in the Tuesday Club 55 League and the Thursday High Flyers.

Throwing a 15-pound Blue Hammer, he carries a 153 average after 10 years of participating in the sport. Owner of a career high game of 279 and a high set of 693, the senior bowler stills pounds out some fine scores.

On Nov. 24, in the Club 55 League, Sheppard pounded the pins for a 242 game and a 573 series. That combination put him an awesome 114 pins over average and made him Bowler of the Week.

Hooking up with a new sport

Charlie Eakle, 11, who lives in Catonsville with his parents, Charles and Mary, is in his first year in the Young American Bowling Alliance Saturday morning league at Normandy.

"On a trip to Florida, his grandfather took him bowling," his dad, Charles, said. "When we returned to Baltimore, he asked his mother and me if he could start bowling in a league, so a few months ago he began bowling in the YABA at Normandy."

Charlie plays baseball in the summer and likes video games all the time, but it may be bowling that will claim his most intense interest.

After only a few months of league play, the fifth-grader at Westowne Elementary, threw a 151 game as the cornerstone for a series that saw him become the Week 10 Bowler of the Week with 47 pins over average.

"I'm getting into a new technique," Charlie said. "I'm starting to hook the ball now."

Leagues, tourney at Brunswick

Brunswick Normandy Lanes is forming two new leagues.

The Rhino Pro league will start Jan. 14 at 9:15 p.m. Three bowlers per team will bowl for 20 weeks at $11.50 per week. They then have a choice of a new purple or black Rhino bowling ball.

The Adult/Child league will start Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. The adult pays $7.50, the child pays $5.50.

On Dec. 26, the Junior Holiday Tournament will feature singles at 10 a.m, doubles at noon at Brunswick Normandy. All junior bowlers are invited to participate.

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