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December 13, 1992

Beilenson Is No Lone Ranger on White Horse

After reading the article about the city health commissioner backing Norplant implants, I'm not surprised Baltimore is back in the spotlight. We have again offered our children as guinea pigs for yet another experiment in problem solving.

The health commissioner, Peter Beilenson, in his frustration over Baltimore City's soaring teen pregnancy rate, is promoting the five-year contraceptive Norplant.

Dr. Beilenson is a brilliant man and I believe his intentions are sincere. But he can't control the behavior of teen-agers by himself.

Sure, the world is watching and hoping that Dr. Beilenson is a medical Lone Ranger who can rescue teen-agers from themselves. The world also hopes Norplant is the silver bullet that will control teen pregnancy. I'm afraid this is one time the hero needs help.

We live in a weird world. I mean real weird. Instead of teaching young men and women to live morally upright lives, we are silent. Instead of teaching them to be committed to one husband or wife, high schools and health clinics pass out condoms.

Then billions of dollars are spent to deal with the results of broken homes, divorce, abused wives and neglected children. Still more money is spent to deal with the health problems that result from promiscuity.

The health commissioner needs community teamwork. Baltimore City's teen-agers are our children, relatives, neighbors, friends and fellow citizens. We must teach and live the behaviors we want from our teen-agers.

This approach will not cost money, but it will require taking

responsibility. This solution will not depend on condoms and Norplant, but it needs wholesome activities to channel the teen-ager's energy into. The answer lies within every Baltimorean.

The programs to solve the teen pregnancy problem don't have to be invented. They already exist: church, schools, sports, recreation centers, libraries, big brothers/big sisters, Four-H clubs, scouts, YMCA, YWCA, Junior Achievement, etc.

What most of these programs lack is volunteers. Sure, there are adults who don't care. Yes, there are parents who don't believe their child will become part of the statistics. There are even adults who lock themselves in their homes and hide from the truth. However, we all pay the cost. I believe the majority of our adults care.

There will not be a hero on a white horse coming to our rescue. We have to get back to basics. The Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Yes, the nation is focusing on Baltimore's teen pregnancy problem. The hero on the white horse can't do it alone. I pray that a posse of all caring adults step forward and volunteers to save the day.

ohn Carrington



Regarding Louis Eby's Dec. 2 response to The Sun's editorial opposing statehood for the District of Columbia, it appears that he would simply ignore the reasoned decision of the framers of our Constitution that the federal capital should be established in a neutral federal district, in part controlled by Congress.

Mr. Eby would disregard the fact that the territory now occupied by the District of Columbia was generously ceded to the national government by the state of Maryland -- a substantial loss of its territory.

Previously, it should be noted, Maryland offered Annapolis as the site for the capital. It was rejected in favor of the federal district concept.

It is also worth noting that Article IV, Section III of the Constitution states that "no new state shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other State . . . or parts of States without the consent of the legislature of the States concerned as well as the Congress."

It would surely be unfair to Maryland for Congress to approve D.C. statehood simply to satisfy the egos of certain D.C. figures who lust for political power. Perhaps the matter might be resolved by incorporating the district, or most of it, into the two Maryland counties, Prince George's and Montgomery.

If D.C. were to be granted statehood, what would prevent New York City or even Staten Island (with a population about half that of D.C.) from demanding equal treatment?

Given the apparent inability of the D.C. government to finance its operations adequately or maintain good public order, how can ++ we expect it to function effectively as a state?

Gil Crandall


Good Taste

I am writing to thank and commend you for your Nov. 20 editorial on Dr. G. Hamilton Mowbray.

For those of us who know him, Ham Mowbray is the epitome of what a real connoisseur should be. Not only does he appreciate the taste of a good wine; he knows how to make it.

E. Harrison Stone


Quality Time

If Cal Thomas wants Marge Schott to repent from her thoughtless comments about Jews, African-Americans and the Japanese by spending time with these individuals (Dec. 4), then he surely must agree that Pat Robertson, the former presidential candidate, should spend quality time with feminist women.

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