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December 13, 1992

Name: Joanne Swansiger of North Glen

Volunteer Work/Interests: Joanne, a parent, licensed day-care provider and owner of two dogs, Queenie and Rosie, volunteers in the county Department of Aging's Pets on Wheels, Life Enrichment and Mom and Me programs.

An active volunteer with the county since March 1991, Joanne visits the Wellspring/Arundel Nursing Center at least twice a week with her children or her dogs. She says she misses only one week a year, when she goes on vacation.

As part of the Mom and Me program, Joanne received permission from the parents of her day-care children for the kids to accompany her on visits to the nursing home along with her own son, Patrick, 5.

Her day-care children range in age from 11 months to 11 years. At times, up to seven children accompany her to the nursing home.

She keeps her pets' shots up to date, so she can take the dogs on visits for the Pets on Wheels program.

Sometimes she goes alone to communicate one-on-one with the residents as part of Life Enrichment.

Joanne also volunteers as a teacher on Sunday at St. Philip Neri Church, teaching Catholic religious education to children.

Organization's Comments: "[Joanne] embodies all three of our programs," says Karen Martin, program coordinator at the Anne Arundel Department of Aging. "Joanne visits at Wellspring/Arundel Nursing Center with her son, Patrick, her day-care charges, as well as two dogs! She makes quite an entrance when she visits."

Volunteer's Comment: "I take the dogs in, as well as the children. The old folks just love to see them. I like doing the program, it's something I commited myself to, and I'm not going to drop out."

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