December 13, 1992

Escorted by numerous helicopters and armored vehicles, four trucks make the first food delivery, bringing 20 tons of goods across into northern Mogadishu.

An U.S. helicopter gunship comes under attack and fires on three armed Somali vehicles, destroying them and causing casualties. No Americans are injured.

U.N. Spokesman Ian MacLeod says about 50 people are dying each day of hunger and disease in Kismayu, more than 160 a day in Bardera to the west and 120 daily in Biadoa.

Spokesman MacLeod says that task force commander, Lt. Gen. Robert Johnston, has promised to speed up movement of troops to other parts of the country as aid workers there cite growing threat from bandits.

In Addas Ababa, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Herman Cohen says the United States is willing to help the Organization of African Unity form a peacekeeping force to stop African conflicts such as that in Somalia.

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