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December 13, 1992|By Anita Gold | Anita Gold,Chicago Tribune

Q: We're planning a Victorian-style wedding. Where can I find old-fashioned Victorian flower holders for wedding party bouquets?

A: Authentic antique holders made to hold posey, nosegay and tussie-mussie arrangements are available from tussie-mussie maven and antiques dealer Jeri Schwartz, 555 Old Long Ridge Road, Stamford, Conn. 06903; (800) 258-2056. Enclose an addressed, stamped envelope for information on hand-held or pin-on holders. More than 500 antique posey holders from the collection of William Kistler are on permanent display at the American Floral Art School, 539 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60605; or phone the school's director, James Moretz (author of "Posey Bouquet Holders -- An Alluring Victorian Fashion"), at (312) 922-9328 for details. Also write to Kathleen Gips in care of Pine Creek Herbs, 152 S. Main St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022, (216) 247-5014, enclosing $2.50 for a copy of her nosegay catalog.

Q: Where can I find collectible designer costume jewelry signed with makers' or manufacturers' names? Also, is there a collector's newsletter?

A: To get information on signed costume jewelry, write to the Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry Newsletter and Club, which offers an annual membership and quarterly newsletter for $15 ($5 per back issue) from Box 265, Glen Oaks, N.Y. 11004; (718) 969-2320 or (718) 939-3095. Or send for a copy of the videocassette jewelry price guide "Hidden Treasures: A Collector's Guide to Antique and Vintage Jewelry of the 19th and Century," available for $24.95 postpaid from Venture Entertainment Group Inc., Box 55113, Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91413; (800) 688-8569. Descriptions of and dates for marks found on jewelry are in "American Jewelry Manufacturers," by Dorothy Rainwater, available for $47 postpaid from L-W Book Sales, Box 69, Gas City, Ind. 46933; (800) 777-6450.

Q: Who might be interested in buying a Depression glass lemonade set consisting of a pitcher and 12 footed tumblers in an iridescent marigold color? How can I find out the value of such a set?

A: Send a photo of the set, along with a pencil rubbing or drawing of the pattern, to Depression glass collector and dealer Neil Unger, Box 8125, Rolling Meadows, Ill. 60008, enclosing an addressed stamped envelope for a reply or evaluation, or phone him at (708) 394-2491. Mr. Unger is also the president of the 20-30-40 Society for Depression glass collectors, which offers an annual membership and monthly Society Page newsletter for $12 from Box 856, La Grange, Ill. 60525.

Q: Where can I sell an accumulation of old magazines and literature related to mechanical engineering and inventions?

A: A collector and buyer of technical material such as books, periodicals, catalogs, pamphlets, tools and precision and scientific instruments relating to the fields of engineering, aviation, science and industry is John Bragg, 2517 S. Grove Ave., Berwyn, Ill. 60402. Enclose a description of what you have and an addressed, stamped envelope for a reply, or phone him at (708) 788-5453.

Q: I found a blotter advertising cake flour stuck between the pages in an old cookbook. How can I find out more about such blotters?

A: The December 1992 issue of Antiques & Collecting Hobbies contains an extensive article on Advertising Blotters by Jack Challem and is available for $2.95 from Antiques & Collecting Hobbies, Circulation Department, 1006 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60605; (312) 939-4767. Also write to Eureka! Antiques & Collectibles, 705 Washington, Evanston, Ill. 60202, which deals in vintage paper and blotters; the shop is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, or phone (708) 869-9090.

Q: I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of old match covers saved over the last 50 years. How can I find out more about them?

A: The Windy City Matchcover Club of Illinois offers an annual membership and bimonthly bulletin for $5 from membership secretary Trancita Boesel, 331 S. Vance St., Lombard, Ill. 60148. For the value of matchbooks and boxes, write to club president Seymour Shedlow, 3104 W. Fargo Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60645 enclosing an addressed, stamped business-size envelope for a copy of his "So What Are They Worth?" sheet.

Linda Rosenkrantz edited Auction magazine and wrote five books, including "Auction Antiques Annual." Write Collect, c/o Copley News Service, P.O. Box 190, San Diego, Calif. 92112-0190. Letters cannot be answered personally.

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