No Belter, chair is worth $500 to $600


December 13, 1992|By James G. McCollam | James G. McCollam,Copley News Service

Q: Could you let me know if this Victorian chair could possibly be a Belter? It has casters on the front legs but not on the back legs. What is its approximate value?

A: This chair was not made by John Henry Belter; one clue to Belter chairs would be a solid-wood backside of the chair.

Your chair was made in the third quarter of the 19th century and might sell for $500 to $600.

Q: This mark is on the bottom of a 9-inch bowl with a scalloped rim. It is decorated with pink roses with green leaves. The border is raised and trimmed in gold.

Can you identify the maker and estimate its value?

A: This bowl was made by the Albert Pillivuyt & Co. in Paris about 1900. It would probably sell for about $75 to $85.

Q: I have a 68-piece service for eight of Homer Laughlin china marked "Eggshell Georgian." Could you please tell me when this was made and if it has any value?

A: Your Homer Laughlin china was made in East Liverpool, Ohio, in the mid-20th century. Eggshell Georgian is the pattern. The set might sell for $265 to $285.

Q: Is my Hummel a fake? My Madonna is 11 1/2 inches tall. The mark on the bottom is the 1960 Vee-Bee mark with "West Germany." Also impressed on the bottom is "H.M. -- 58/I." There are two small angels kneeling at her feet. The Madonna has no halo and her head is turned to the left.

A: Not exactly a fake, this was made by the Goebel Co. that makes Hummels. However, H. M. are the initials of another artist that worked for Goebel -- it is not a Hummel.

Its value would be about $75 to $85.

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