From The Sun Dec. 13-19, 1842Dec. 14: A contemporary...


December 13, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Dec. 13-19, 1842

Dec. 14: A contemporary states that a rooster was recently flogged in Connecticut for crowing on Sunday. We don't believe it.

Dec. 19: On Saturday, a hog, inspired with an ambition to be elevated, by some means found his way into the fourth story of one of the houses attached to the Washington Hall building on Front St. Not liking his quarters, he wished a change, and in order to effect it chose the shortest way of getting down, by jumping out of a window. The leap, like poor Sam Patch's last, cost him his life.

From The Sun Dec. 13-19, 1892

Dec. 15: The cars on both of the cable lines were stopped for nearly an hour early this morning. The delay was caused by a strained cable east of the power-house on Pratt Street.

Dec. 16: Holidays, and especially that holiday of holidays, Christmas, have a little way of turning night into day, aided in these wonderful modern times by the marvels of gas and


From The Sun Dec. 13-19, 1942

Dec. 13: Victory Bond subscriptions in Baltimore up to Friday night totaled $71,158,313, John Redwood Jr., manager of the Baltimore area office of the Fifth Federal Reserve District, announced yesterday.

Dec. 17: Beginning Monday, the largest diaper service in Baltimore will ration diapers to a maximum of one dozen per day per child.

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