Boston ChickenHickory Ridge Village Center Freetown Road...


December 12, 1992|By Sheila Dresser

Boston Chicken

Hickory Ridge Village Center Freetown Road, Columbia. Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. (410) 531-6700.

It's cold outside, but inside Boston Chicken the aromas are warm and inviting. Boston Chicken smells like home.

Yes, it's fast food, but it's also comfort food, a "real" meal that you don't have to plan, prepare and cook during the busy holiday season. You can even phone ahead, then sprint to the head of the line for pickup.

Even waiting in line has its pleasures, however, because there's a feast on display. Golden chickens spin slowly along a "rotisserie wall," pasta salads tempt you to add an appetizer to your menu, and the array of side dishes will make your mouth water.

Try the "Best Deal": a whole chicken, cooked rotisserie style, two side dishes and two corn bread rolls for $12.95. Hard to beat that on a cold winter night.

Three chickens we've sampled from Boston Chicken were uniformly moist -- and picked clean by the end of dinner. For side dishes, we recommend stuffing and mashed potatoes. If not exactly like Mom would make, they come very close. Gravy wasn't necessary, but we found it a nice addition. Boston Chicken has vegetable side dishes -- we tried a pretty good one with crunchy carrots and cauliflower -- but the stuffing and mashed potatoes are so good you shouldn't pass them up. So make a vegetable at home yourself or spring for an extra side dish -- and definitely order extra corn bread rolls.

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