At Glenelg CS, it's one for all

December 11, 1992|By Michael Richman | Michael Richman,Contributing Writer

Compared with most high school basketball coaches, Dea Greg and Barbara Wolf adopt a different train of thought as coaches at Glenelg Country School.

An 85-student private school in Western Howard County, GCS fields teams with less experienced and talented players than those normally competing at the public school level. So, Greg and Wolf stress the game's fundamentals more than any one technique.

With the 1992-1993 season under way, the coaches are spending a lot of time teaching man-to-man defense over zone.

Greg, also the school's athletic director, has coached the boys ,, for all six years of GCS's existence. A former player at Western Maryland College in Carroll County, Wolf is in her second season directing the girls.

"Our school has always played zone, so man to man is something new for this year," Wolf said.

Greg said: "We're both spending a lot of time playing man to man because if you're small, you've got to play that type of defense."

With a handful of students to pull from and a no-cut policy, Greg has been left with a tiny team. The Dragons' tallest players -- senior Josh Peklo, junior Niket Mody, freshman Justin Dean -- are all 5 feet 11. Greg doesn't have a legitimate center.

His most reliable players are forwards Peklo, Mody, 5-10 junior Todd Olsen and 5-10 sophomore Chris Lehman, guards Abhishek Diwana (5-9 junior) and Scott Zimmerly (5-10 sophomore), and guard/forward Risto Worthington (5-9 sophomore).

For the most part, the boys and girls play a small-school, 15-game varsity schedule. The boys are 0-1 after a 65-23 loss to Beth Tfiloh, and the 1-1 girls fell to the Institute of Notre Dame's junior varsity, 45-7, and topped St. Paul's junior varsity, 31-18.

"I refuse to play strictly junior varsity because I don't think our kids are going to learn enough," Greg said. "I want to prepare the kids for the next few years by playing older teams."

Greg doesn't emphasize any particular offense, though he wants consistency with outside shooting. Diwana paces the Dragons with his ball-handling at point guard. Zimmerly, considered an "intelligent" player by Greg, scored a team-high seven points in the loss to Beth Tfiloh.

"We have to become a long-range shooting team because we're too short to consistently go on the low block," Greg said. "We have a good nucleus, but we're so young and inexperienced."

The remainder of the girls games are against varsity opponents. The starters are 5-11 junior center Gracia Walker, 5-10 junior forward Stacy Lay, and guards Megan Duzor (5-6 freshman), Robin Zimmerly (5-7 sophomore) and Allison Hoke (5-6 sophomore).

Wolf is trying to get GCS to be less tentative on offense, instead of challenging defenses by taking the ball to the basket.

To do that most often, the coach relies on Zimmerly, who scored a team-high 11 points against St. Paul's. Zimmerly is the squad's top playmaker because of her ability to get positioning and cut to the hoop.

"My scheme is to work the ball around and try to get a layup," Wolf said. "We're a young team and we're not at the point of going outside and taking 15-foot shots. We're trying to get as close to the basket as we can."

The girls team, which belongs to the Association of Independent Schools, is guaranteed a spot in the postseason tournament every year. This season, Wolf hopes to make it past the opening round.

The boys aren't members of a conference, so their season ends after the final regular-season game. Greg has requested membership in the Potomac Valley Athletic Conference, which is puttingGCS's boys under consideration.

"I expect to win a few games, but realistically, I know where we are talent-wise," Greg said of the boys. "We have to go on the court every day with a positive mind."


Dec. 11 at St. James, 3:30

Dec. 12 Harrisburg Academy, 2

Dec. 15 Pompei, 3:30

Dec. 17 at Queen Anne's, 5:30

Jan. 8 Key School, 7

Jan. 12 Chelsea, 5

Jan. 15 Barrie School, 6:45

Jan. 22 at Pompei, 4:30

Jan. 25 Perry Hall Christian, 5:30

Jan. 28 at Sandy Springs Friends, 5:30

Feb. 2 at Key School, 4

Feb. 5 at Chelsea, 4

Feb. 9 at Sts. Peter and Paul, 4


Dec. 15 Perry Hall Christian, 5

Dec. 17 Arlington Baptist, 4

Jan. 7 Severn, 3:45

Jan. 8 Sandy Spring Friends, 5:15

Jan. 12 at Park, 3:45

Jan. 14 St. Timothy's, 3:45

Jan. 15 at Towson Catholic, 3:45

Jan. 22 at Pompei, 3

Jan. 26 Seton Keough, 5:45

Jan. 28 at Garrison Forest, 3:45

Feb. 2 at Oldfields, 3:45

Feb. 4 at Beth Tfiloh, 4

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