FOR those of you who might have missed the story abou...


December 11, 1992

FOR those of you who might have missed the story abou President-elect Bill Clinton's thrilling and historic ride over Washington in an alien space craft, as reported in the Dec. 1 issue of the Weekly World News tabloid, we gladly reprint prime parts of the piece.

Headed "CLINTON RIDES IN UFO!" and subheaded "Alien takes President [sic] on secret flight over Washington, D.C.!," the article begins, "Hours after Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States, a space alien who endorsed him in his run for the oval office [sic] took him on a two-minute ride over Washington, D.C. -- in a saucer-shaped UFO!

"That's the word from author and UFO expert Nathaniel Dean, who says that Clinton boarded the huge 164-foot starship at a secret landing site near his home in Little Rock, Ark., at 5:37 a.m. on Nov. 4 for the historic tour of the nation's capital, and later said: 'Aside from getting elected president, this was the most exciting experience of my life.' "

Later, the article notes, "Clinton himself, apparently caught off guard by reporters who queried him about the flight, hesitated briefly before saying he would 'have a full statement and explanation' after his inauguration in January. 'I certainly can't speak for the President, but Mr. Clinton's statement seems to suggest that the Alien is going to figure prominently in America's future,' declared Dean, who noted that contrary to rumor, Clinton 'probably did not' throw up during his UFO flight."

The alien's possible future role? A hint might be included in the "reefer" box at the end of the story, "Space Alien as new NASA chief?"

Why the mainstream media ran with the tabloid tale of Gennifer Flowers and not this alien scoop, we'll never understand.

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