Holidays coincide with our need for light in winter darkness NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE


December 11, 1992|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

Next week we celebrate St. Lucia's, to be followed b Hanukkah and Christmas, New Year's and the Gift of the Magi.

Less apparent than the gift exchange is the need we have for lights. In this the month when, in northern climates, the dark descends so early and swiftly, we celebrate with lights. Whether we cover our youngest with a candled hat, or re-create the minor miracle of an unending oil supply, the point of this season may be that there are no minor miracles.

We live in a universe begun by an explosion, so physics tells us. And in between that blazing fireball and the tepid gravel of the steady end state, we are alive.

We shine despite entropy. We organize our cells over time. We grow, we move, knowing our ordered lives too shall turn to dusty chaos. So each light lit is blown against entropy. More, the lights we burn are indiscriminate: like the rain in Ecclesiastes, they glow on rich and poor, friend and stranger, congregant and pagan alike.

So we decorate the outside of our homes, as budgets and style allow: a twinkling against the dark, a shared cheer with others. So never send to learn for whom the candles burn, they burn, in companionship, for thee.


The Savage Community Association will hold its general meeting, Tuesday in Carroll Baldwin Hall at the intersection of Foundry and Baltimore streets.

The two main issues on the agenda are a presentation on neighborhood watch programs, and information on a proposed new inn at the Savage Mill.

Bruce Lahr, of the Howard County Police Department will discuss the neighborhood watch program. Some residents had requested information about the program after Pam Basu's death.

The other scheduled item on the agenda is a presentation on plans for an inn to be located directly west of the main parking lot (the upper one) on a five-acre site the mill owns.

A zoning change would be required for this facility, which would include a restaurant and conference center. The inn would be geared to longer term visitors to the mill's activities.

These two presentations will be followed by a short discussion of these and other community issues. All interested people from the area are invited to voice their concerns.

For more information about this meeting or about other community issues, call Bill Waff, president of the association, at 725-1089.


Elisa Firth, our no longer undercover source in Ray Miles' Handel choir, reports that things are going swimingly.

She finished the program layout and the actual paste-up of the program was finished last night. All that's left is the performance itself this Saturday in the Great Room at Savage Mill.


The Patuxent Valley Jaycees have a hot line to Santa's workshop and can arrange for Santa and his helper to visit your home in the Burtonsville, Laurel or anywhere in Howard County. This very affordable Santa will visit your home or holiday party. In addition, Santa will be available for video or photo opportunities.

Santa is available to visit homes through Dec. 22. He has a busy schedule, so book early. Call 880-4323 for more information.

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