McFalls bids last farewell

December 11, 1992|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

Outgoing school board member Cheryl A. McFalls o Manchester bade a bittersweet farewell to her colleagues and administrators at the board's meeting Wednesday.

Mrs. McFalls, who served as board president this year, lost the election to C. Scott Stone of Hampstead in November. Mr. Stone took his place at the board for the first time Wednesday after other board members recognized Mrs. McFalls with a plaque and words of praise.

As her voice started to break and tears welled up, Mrs. McFalls said she had not meant to cry.

"This is not a sad time for me," she said. She said she looked forward to going back to being a full-time wife and mother.

She described how she and her children were collecting her campaign signs the day after the election.

The traffic around Westminster's Main Street was frustrating them as they drove and walked along collecting signs.

When they turned onto Route 27, headed back for their hometown, Mrs. McFalls said, the road was clear and smooth.

"My six years on the board felt like I was on Main Street," with pressure and tension, she said. "Route 27 looks real good to me."

Mrs. McFalls said she regretted none of the decisions she had made as a board member, and made no apologies for bringing her conservative, Christian values to the position. Some of her controversial stands have been in opposition to literature and sex education materials.

But observers said after the election that the most serious blow to her support came because she and other board members approved a contract with built-in raises for Superintendent R. Edward Shilling.

All board members had approved the contract and were criticized by the public and the county commissioners for acting unwisely during economic hard times. Mrs. McFalls was the only board member up for re-election.

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