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December 11, 1992

East-West Blvd. hearing draws many people, few new ideas

A final hearing by the State Highway Administration on East-West Boulevard Wednesday brought out dozens of opinionated residents, but few new ideas.

"I don't think there's been anything we hadn't heard before, but it's given us a new appreciation for the different issues to hear them back-to-back," SHA project manager Alan Straus concluded.

Pat Troy, president of the Greater Severna Park Council, which has proposed a two-lane highway with an 80-foot right-of-way, said she firmly believes that proposal has a chance.

Many residents who testified at the hearing said they would support a two-lane road with an 80-foot right-of-way. Others testifying opposed any East-West Highway if it is built by the state.

"In my own mind, I feel very good about the [council's] position," said Ms. Troy. "I think it's very viable, and the message came through loud and clear [at the hearing] that most people want a two-lane road with an 80-foot right-of-way."

The point of difference is who builds the road, she said, adding that the council has not suggested the road must be state-controlled or even built to state standards.

"We would be certainly happy to see it be a county road," she said. But ruling the state's involvement out and relying solely on county money likely would delay the project, she said. "We want to get the road built," Ms. Troy said.

Mr. Straus said after the hearing that the SHA typically takes six to eight months to decide a course of action after public hearings. The SHA has held two hearings in the last few months.

The time frame is determined by how much additional study the State Highway Administration decides it must do after listening to residents' recommendations.

He said the two-lane, 80-foot right-of-way proposed by the council is "absolutely" an option, even though it was not listed in the state's proposals. The state called for a 110-foot right-of-way.

A smaller right-of-way will have less impact on Elvaton, a community the opposes the road. How much less would have to be determined, he said.

2 Severna Park men charged in drug case

Two Severna Park men were arrested Wednesday night and charged with distribution of cocaine after undercover narcotics detectives bought a rock of crack.

County police said they were working undercover in the area of Dennis Road after complaints of drug trafficking there. Two men offered to sell them crack cocaine.

When the undercover police agreed to buy, the men told the detectives to follow them to Hoyle Lane. One of the men went into a nearby house, then returned with the illegal drug, which he sold to the detective. The two men then drove away, but were stopped by other officers.

Arthur U. Williams, 37, of the first block of Whites Road, and Tyrone Wilburn, 33, of the 100 block of Simmons Lane, were charged.

Police seized the 1979 Chevrolet pickup truck they were driving.


* Maga Vista: Someone broke into a home in the 300 block of Buena Vista Avenue Tuesday and stole video games and appliances valued at $4,500.

* Severna Park: A 1981 Oldsmobile parked in front of a home in the 500 block of Owens Way was broken into Monday night. Money was stolen.

* Severna Park: Shoplifters stole several packs of cigarettes from a display case Tuesday at the 7-Eleven store in the 400 block of Jumpers Hole Road.

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