Pier plan rouses neighbors Sylvan View mounts appeal

December 11, 1992|By John A. Morris | John A. Morris,Staff Writer

Robert Calvert wants to build a 75-foot pier off his Gray Creek property, but neighbors fear it will block access to the community marina.

The Sylvan View Community Association, which represents about 153 homes on the banks of the Magothy River tributary, has asked the county Board of Appeals to deny Mr. Calvert a building permit. The panel will hear the case at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Arundel Center in Annapolis.

Mr. Calvert, who said he has been a member of the community association for 33 years, said his neighbors are challenging his rights as a waterfront property owner.

But Rebecca A. Bishop, president of the Sylvan View Community Association, said the group does not object so much to construction of the new pier as to how close it will be to one of three community docks. "He has waterfront, so, of course, he should be able to build a pier," Mrs. Bishop said. "He should just move it over so he doesn't block us."

Mr. Calvert said he does not understand the objection. "We're within the guidelines put down by the state, the county and everybody," he said.

The county Department of Inspection and Permits issued Mr. Calvert a permit Aug. 26 to build the pier, a 20-foot extension off the left side and a mooring piling at 2 Grays Creek Road, adjacent to the community marina. The community challenged the county's approval a month later, leading to next week's appeals hearing.

Community members knew last summer that Mr. Calvert had applied for a building permit, Mrs. Bishop said. But they believed he would build the pier in place of a dilapidated pier farther away that does not interfere with the marina, she said.

Although Mr. Calvert's pier would be 15 feet away from the marina -- the minimum legal distance -- Mrs. Bishop said there would not be enough room to maneuver some of the larger boats that dock there.

Mr. Calvert, who also owns property on the other side of the marina, built a dock there in the 1980s that partly blocks another of the community's three piers, Mrs. Bishop said.

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