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December 10, 1992

Development clears hurdle

The Sykesville's Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved revised plans for Jamaka Heights, an eight-lot development to be built along the southwest section of Oklahoma Road. The development is the first to meet requirements of the new Small Town Planning Guidelines.

Before making recommendations to the Town Council, the commission met with several developers.

"This is the best design, the best and highest use of land," said Jonathan Herman, commission member and town councilman. "The builder has opted for a lot less disturbance of the land."

In addition to single-family homes, developer Benjamin Grubbs plans four lots with duplex housing, to reduce the amount of trees removed. Mr. Herman asked Mr. Grubbs to prepare drawings of the duplex homes "to allay fears of certain council members."

Before adopting the guidelines, Councilman Walter White said he was opposed to lower-priced town houses and duplexes, which attract lower-income residents.


* Sykesville: Firefighters from Sykesville and Mount Airy helped Howard County with a report of smoke in a house on Route 97 at 5:24 p.m. Tuesday. Units were out for 27 minutes.

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