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December 10, 1992

Manchester tables trash collection bill

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Manchester Town Council tabled discussion of a proposal that would require owners of multifamily dwellings to pay for their trash collection.

Town Manager Terry Short said the town now pays for the service. He said the cost is about $84 a year per unit, for collection and disposal.

The money to pay for the service comes from town real estate taxes.

Mr. Short said about 83 percent of the real estate tax money is budgeted for trash collection, although not that much will be spent because the town has negotiated a better contract and dropped service for business trash bins.

Several apartment owners attended the meeting.

Mr. Short said records show that, for most multifamily dwellings in Manchester, the town pays more for trash collection than it receives from real estate taxes.

The proposal will be introduced at the next meeting, Mr. Short said.


* Hampstead: Firefighters from Hampstead were called at 11:41 p.m. Tuesday to investigate a report of a fire on Hampstead-Mexico Road. The units were out for 27 minutes.

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