SAT scores the highest since 1980 County results top state, U.S. averages

December 10, 1992|By Lan Nguyen | Lan Nguyen,Staff Writer

In Thursday's Howard County section, the combined SAT scores for students in various ethnic groups were incorrect in the story and chart. A corrected chart follows.

The Sun regrets the errors.


.. .. .. .. ..Combined.. .. ..Math.. .. .. ..Verbal

Asian.. .. .. .1065.. .. .. ..588.. .. .. .. ...477

Hispanic.. .. .1010.. .. .. ..530.. .. .. .. .. 480

White.. .. .. ..996.. .. .. ..531.. .. .. .. ...465


Black.. .. .. ..831.. .. .. ..438.. .. .. .. .. 393

High school students in Howard County scored higher on thSATs last year than they have in 12 years, according to a report being presented to the school board today.

The combined county score of 976 is 69 points higher than the state average and 77 points higher than the national average.

The score reflects the mean of county students' combined math and verbal scores.

More than 1,500 students -- or 78 percent of last year's graduating class -- took the Scholastic Aptitude Test, an entrance exam required by many colleges and universities.

Asian students ranked higher than white, black and Hispanic students in the combined scores, and males scored higher than females, according to the report.

Asian students had a combined score of 965, compared with white students at 956, Hispanic students at 910, and black students at 831.

In math, Asian students scored highest with 588 points. White students had 531, with Hispanic students one point back at 530. Black students scored 438 points.

In the verbal section, Hispanic students scored highest at 480, three points higher than Asian students. White students scored 465, and black students scored 393 points.

Male students scored higher than females in both sections. In math, boys averaged 548 points, or 52 points higher than girls. In the verbal section, they scored 11 points higher, at 461.

Students who scored better had higher grade point averages and had taken between 20 to 24 academic courses, according to the report. Taking the extra courses apparently had more influence than did other traditional advantages, such as having parents with graduate degrees and living in a household that has an income of more than $70,000, the report said.

The school board will also discuss starting school earlier next year. The School Calendar Committee is proposing a pre-Labor Day start for students and elimination of the Friday before Labor Day as a holiday.

"Some of the people [on the committee] who were school-based administrators and teachers felt once school got started, this extra holiday was an unnecessary disruption," said Bob Lazarewicz, director of operations.

"We did look at different ways to eliminate as many disruptions as possible," he said.

The committee also recommends that kindergartners go to school on an abbreviated schedule during parent-teacher conference days.

Traditionally, either the morning or afternoon session has been canceled. Under the proposal, both sessions would be held, but only for 90 minutes.


3' . ... Combined ... Math ... Verbal

Asian ..... 965 ..... 588 ..... 477

White ..... 956 ..... 531 ..... 465

Hispanic... 910 ..... 530 ..... 480

Black ..... 831 ..... 438 ..... 393


What: School board meeting

Where: 10810 Route 108, Ellicott City

% When: 4 and 7 tonight

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