Hot guns fired in 2 chases

December 10, 1992|By Michael James and Roger Twigg | Michael James and Roger Twigg,Staff Writers

The guns that were fired at police during two car chase yesterday were among the weapons stolen during a brazen burglary of the Valley Gun Shop on Nov. 29, law enforcement officials said.

Four suspects were charged by Baltimore police with attempted murder and assault in the shootings and were being questioned last night in the gun shop robbery.

Also last night, federal agents were in the process of raiding residences in Reisterstown and West Baltimore in a hunt for more of the stolen weapons.

The suspects were identified as Theodore A. Brown, Eric Kenneth Brown, Theodore Cornelius Hall and Vincent Johnnie Davis, although police were unable to provide their ages or addresses.

Police said two .45-caliber pistols and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle were taken from the suspects, who are believed to have fired at least a dozen shots at police cruisers in hot pursuit of a stolen car that had been spotted leaving the scenes of two armed robberies. Each of the weapons has been identified as having been stolen from the Valley Gun Shop in Parkville, authorities said.

Thieves rammed their way into the shop using a stolen car and looted 14 rifles and handguns.

Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms obtained search warrants last night for homes on Valley Meadow Circle in Reisterstown and Baker Street in Baltimore. Several of the stolen guns, including more AR-15 rifles, are believed to be stashed at those residences, authorities said.

Mel Abrams, a co-owner of the gun shop, said last night that police had informed him that some of the stolen weapons had been recovered.

"We're quite thrilled that they've been found. We thought those guns would have been long gone by now, to Washington or New York," Mr. Abrams said. "The police did a good job. That's that many less guns in the hands of criminals."

Investigators said they received information from two confidential sources that the suspects were responsible for the gun shop robbery.

The informants told police that in recent weeks they had seen three of the suspects leaving the Baker Street residence carrying semiautomatic handguns and an assault rifle, authorities said.

Yesterday's crime spree is believed to have started about 10:45 p.m. Tuesday when two men, wearing dark clothing and scarves over their mouths and brandishing automatic handguns, robbed the Perring Parkway Shell service station in Towson of $75, said E. Jay Miller, a Baltimore County police spokesman.

White Honda seen

The robbers drove off in what appeared to be a white Honda Accord, police said. A description of the car was broadcast to area officers.

Shortly after midnight, county police Officer J. Mark Burger spotted a white 1993 Honda Accord in the parking lot of the Hillendale Shopping Center on Loch Raven Boulevard, police said. Officer Burger started following the car east on Taylor Avenue, Mr. Miller said.

After a short distance, the white Honda passed a blue Cavalier, and the officer also passed the blue car.

Moments after the three cars had turned south on Perring Parkway, two men in the rear seat of the Honda "each shifted up on to the window ledge, so they were half-sitting, half-hanging out the windows. Both had automatic, assault-type weapons," Mr. Miller said.

At least one of the men opened fire, causing the officer to duck below the --board while steering with his left arm, Mr. Miller said.

"At least six shots were fired. The officer was able to count the flashes of light from the gun," he said.

Officer Burger aborted the chase and the Honda, with the Cavalier close behind, drove off, police said. Neither the officer nor the car was hit. Several shell casings were found at the scene.

During a processing of evidence at the scene, witnesses along Perring Parkway told police that they had seen someone in the Cavalier also fire at the cruiser, Mr. Miller said.

"He [Officer Burger] didn't know that at the time," Mr. Miller said.

About 12:20 a.m., Baltimore police reported that two men robbed BG's Pub in the 600 block of S. Oldham St. and drove off in a white car that fit the description of the Honda.

About 2:15 a.m., city police spotted the white car and gave chase in the 2300 block of Ailsa Ave. where, police said, the car's occupants fired several shots at the city cruiser. Again, no officers were struck.

Suspects arrested

The five suspects were arrested later in the morning. of them had holed up in a house in the 5000 block of Morello Road and were arrested at gunpoint by a city police quick response team.

Mr. Miller said there recently have been numerous armed robberies of gas stations and convenience stores in the Perring Parkway area.

The suspects, who were being questioned last night, will be interviewed about their possible involvement in those robberies, he said.

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