1992 Billboard Music Awards

December 10, 1992

Pop Artist, Garth Brooks.

Country Artist, Garth Brooks.

Hot 100 Singles Artist, Boyz II Men.

Hot Country Singles Artist, Garth Brooks.

Billboard 200 Albums Artist, Garth Brooks.

Country Albums Artist, Garth Brooks.

R&B Artist, Jodeci.

R&B Albums Artist, Jodeci.

New Pop Artist, Kriss Kross.

Billboard 200 Albums Group Artist, Guns N' Roses.

Hot Adult Contemporary Artist, Richard Marx.

Modern Rock Tracks Artist, U2.

Hot Rap Singles Artist, Cypress Hill.

Billboard 200 Album, "Ropin' the Wind," Garth Brooks.

Country Album, "Ropin' the Wind," Garth Brooks.

Album Rock Track, "Mysterious Ways," U2.

Album Rock Tracks Artist, U2.

Modern Rock Track, "One," U2.

R&B Album, "Forever My Lady," Jodeci.

Worldwide Album, "Dangerous," Michael Jackson.

Hot Rap Single, "The Phuncky Fell One," Cypress Hill.

Billboard 200 Albums-Most Weeks at No. 1, Billy Ray Cyrus, "Some Gave All."

Worldwide Single, "Black and White," Michael Jackson.

Hot Country Single, "I Saw the Light," Wynnona.

Hot R&B Single, "Come & Talk to Me," Jodeci.

Hot 100 Single, "End of the Road," Boyz II Men.

Hot 100 Singles-Most Weeks at No. 1, "End of the Road," Boyz II Men.

Boxscore Tour, U2.

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