Seniors who need help can hire a 'daughter' ANNE ARUNDEL SENIORS

December 09, 1992|By Amy P. Ingram | Amy P. Ingram,Contributing Writer

Marguerite Fearey, 74, was getting tired of fighting with Annapolis traffic and struggling with her garden everyday on her own, so she picked up the phone and hired a daughter.

She called Silver Service, a two-woman business designed to aid seniors with everyday activities and errands.

Sally Branning and Diane Kramer, founders of the service, rent themselves out five days a week as "Daughters for a Day" to more than 20 seniors throughout Anne Arundel County. The Silver Service provides three categories of service: within the home, outside the home or delivery to the home.

"I don't like to drive," said Mrs. Fearey, a resident of Ginger Cove Senior Housing in Annapolis. "I'm very active and I wanted someone to help with my errands. And there they were."

Mrs. Fearey, the service's first client, has been aided by her "extra daughter," Mrs. Branning, since June. During that time Mrs. Branning has helped plant and weed her garden, has driven her to the shopping mall and airport, and helped with "whatever else needed to be done," Mrs. Branning said.

"These people are really good," Mrs. Fearey said. "They're friendly and caring and always there whenever I call. I have recommended them to all my friends."

Mrs. Branning and Mrs. Kramer were inspired to establish the service by the needs of their own parents. They decided to act as a daughter-like replacement for working children unable to attend to their parents on a daily basis.

"We worry about people being alone," Mrs. Branning said. "Some people want to stay in their houses, and others want to get out. We can help with both."

"It's very easy to become friends with my clients," Mrs. Kramer said. "I visit an 80-year-old each week. We've had so much fun together that's she's become my very best friend."

Mrs. Branning said she has learned a lot from her buddy, Mrs. Fearey.

"Marguerite inspired me to plant a garden -- something I have never even thought of doing," she said. "We've learned something from everyone."

The Silver Service charges by the hour, but rates can vary depending on the particular need of the individual.

For more information on the service, call 757-8898

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